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Restriction Orifice
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Product: Views:148Restriction Orifice 
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When the fluid flows in the pipe, the fluid filled with the pipe flows through the throttling device in the pipe, causing local contraction near the throttling device, increasing the velocity, and generating static pressure difference on both the upper and downstream sides. Due to the local resistance of the orifice plate, the pressure of the fluid is reduced, and energy loss plays the role of throttling.


▲Throttling device has simple structure, firm, stable and reliable performance, long service life and low price.

▲Executive standard:ASME ISO-5167

▲The throttle hole is a positive circle, aperture d is not less than 12.5mm,the vertical upstream end face of the axis,The aperture is the arithmetic average of not less than four single values,Uniform distribution of four single values,The difference between any single value and average value does not exceed ±0.05% d

Technical Parameters:

▲Taking pressure mode: Corner joint ( ) taking pressure, Flange taking pressure, D-D/2 taking pressure

▲Nominal pressure: ≤40Mpa

▲Caliber: 50~1000mm(standard orifice plate) or<50mm(ensemble plate)>1000mm(plate orifice-plate)

▲Accuracy(Indeterminacy): ±1%

▲Range of application: Open hole diameter (mm):d ≥ 12.5 (standard orifice plate)

Open hole diameter rate β :0.1 ≤ β≤ 0.75

Reynolds number range ReD: 0.1 ≤ β≤ 0.75

107 ≥ ReD≥ 5000 and ReD≥ 107 β2D: D can be use (mm) show

Install Requirement :

1. The positive and negative pressure direction of the orifice plate, and the upstream and downstream pressure taking flange shall conform to the flow direction of the medium.

2. Sealing gasket for clamping orifice plate shall not break into the inner wall of pipe after clamping.

3. The installation of the orifice plate must be tight and no leakage is allowed.

4. The installation of the orifice plate must be carried out after the pipe is flushed and swept after the new pipeline system is installed.


Q: What technical parameters should be provided to us?

A: We need to know the Pipe wall thickness、Measuring Media、Pressure、Temperature、Flow rate 、Line size、Piping material and so an.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it is 10-25 workday, after receiving the payment.

Q: About warranty

A: We are very confident in our products, and we pack them very well, so usually you will receive your order in good condition. Any quality issue, we will deal with it immediately.